Pro-Tec Super Glow Powder Paint


The Super Glow's are here!! There is no better powder paint than the Pro-Tec brand. Pro-Tec's new Super Glow powder paint has a brighter, longer lasting glow than standard glow powder paints with the same easy, no-mess application. Pro-Tec Super Glow Paint can be used as a single coat cover or over a white base coat. The manufacturers indicated the there is a longer, brighter glow if you use a white base coat. Pictures with a white base coat are displayed below.  Available in 6 different super glow colors.


Charging Tips:

Super Glow paints will need to be charged for an extended period of time to achieve maximum glow duration.  30 minutes minimum.

 The best lighting sources for charging Super Glow powder paints are those that are rich in the ultraviolet and blue light spectrum. In order of effectiveness, these are sunlight, quartz-halogen, mercury vapor, black light, fluorescent, and least effective, incandescent.

Note: Due to the differences of electronic transmission and digital delivery of color on computer monitors, the actual color of Super Glow paints may vary slightly from the color you see on your computer screen. 

Note:  Powder Paint is sold by weight, not volume.  Due to the different densities of the powder paints, a jar may not seem completely full.  The super glow line is very dense.  The jar is guaranteed to have 2 ounces by weight even though the jar may look only 60-70% full.


Pictures are on a smooth nickel blade with a WHITE base coat.  Results for Super Glow Paints will be different without a white base.


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