Powder Paint Spray Gun



CS Coatings Powder Paint Spray Gun now allows you to paint all those formerly hard to dip items such as blades, spoons, spinners, bottom bouncers, or anything else metal, without the need for expensive electrostatic spraying equipment or spray booths. Spoons can be painted without “wrap-around” and Pro-Flake Glitter colors can be added with beautifully even coverage. The package comes complete with spray gun (with 4 oz. jar attached), air hose, and 4 additional interchangeable jars and lids. Since it requires very little air (5–8 psi at 1 cfm), even the smallest compressors will operate this spray gun.


Powder Paint Spray Gun instructions



Powder Spray Gun Kit

Price:  $44.95 ea.            Quantity     




Extra Jar with Lid

Price:  $1.50 ea.              Quantity  




Extra Spray Gun Draw Tubes

Price:  $1.00/pack of 5     Quantity  




Accessories for Powder Paint Spray Gun

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