Pro-Tec Powder Paint - Glow

There is no better powder paint than the Pro-Tec brand.  Powder paints allow you to create beautiful, high-gloss, fluorescent lures quickly and easily. It's as simple as heating the lure and swishing it through the powder. You will be amazed as it glosses over before your eyes!  For a finish that's five times as tough, simply cure the painted lure by baking it in an oven for 15 minutes at 350 degrees F.  Packaged in slightly oversized jars for less spillage.  Pro-Tec features include:

- Super high gloss
- One-coat coverage with no white primer needed
- No drying time
- Non-flammable and environmentally safe
- Will not dry out
- No mixing or settling
- No odor

- Easy cleanup

Note:  Powder Paint is sold by weight, not volume.  Due to the different densities of the powder paints, a jar may not seem completely full.  For example:  White, Glow White, Blue and Brown have the highest density of all of the colors.  The jar is guaranteed to have 2 ounces by weight even though the jar may look only 60-70% full.


See pictures below for a smooth Nickel blade painted with Pro-Tec powder paint.  Colors pictured below have a white base coat.  If no white base is used the Glow colors are semi-transparent.

Glow White

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