PowderFlake Glitter (Formerly MetalFlake)


There is no better powder paint than the Pro-Tec brand.  PowderFlake Glitter is specially formulated to withstand the heat of powder paint application.  Because powder paint has such a strong hiding ability, PowderFlake should only be mixed in clear powder paint and applied as a second step over color coat.  Mix approximately 1 part PowderFlake to every 10 parts of CLEAR GLOSS powder paint and shake well (adjust ratio to achieve desired results).

We had been selling an aluminum 'Metalflake' for the powder paint because some of the polyester glitters could not stand up to the heat of application.  Now the newest polyester glitters are all heat resistant enough to work in powder and the aluminum glitters were phased out. Polyester glitters are actually more expensive but they have several advantages. They are brighter because they do not have the dark cut edge aluminum glitters have.  They also work better in paints because they have a lower specific gravity, so they do not settle out of the paint.

Note: Due to the differences of electronic transmission and digital delivery of color on computer monitors, the actual color of our glitters may vary slightly from the color you see on your computer screen.

Available in 10 different colors.




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